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Apr 16, 2019

News Scan for Apr 16, 2019

Needle-free flu vaccine boost
Promise for chikungunya vaccine
Global flu mostly dropping
Apr 09, 2019

News Scan for Apr 09, 2019

More Saudi MERS
NYC measles emergency
Next-generation flu vaccine
Polio worker killing
Apr 03, 2019

News Scan for Apr 03, 2019

Ebola Bombali in Kenyan bats
Universal flu vaccine trial
E coli O103 in 4 states
Lassa fever in Nigeria
Waterborne hospital infections
Mar 21, 2019
Flu vaccine filling syringe from vial

WHO reveals delayed pick for H3N2 flu vaccine strain

The H3N2 recommendation reflects a change from the current Northern Hemisphere vaccine.

Mar 18, 2019

News Scan for Mar 18, 2019

Measles spreads in NY, NJ, US
Saudi MERS cases
AAP on flu shots, vaccine exemptions
Suspected Nipah in Bangladesh
Avian flu in Nepal, Denmark
Mar 07, 2019

News Scan for Mar 07, 2019

Saudi MERS cases
Yellow fever in South America
Absenteeism and illness
Flu vaccine and heart attack
Feb 28, 2019

News Scan for Feb 28, 2019

No flu shot link to miscarriage
Saudi MERS case
Measles and vaccine exemptions
New malaria approach
Feb 27, 2019

News Scan for Feb 27, 2019

Salmonella tahini outbreak
RNA printer for vaccines
Push for universal flu vaccine
Avian flu in 3 nations
Feb 21, 2019
Flu vaccine syringe in doctor's hands

WHO changes H1N1 flu vaccine strain, punts on H3N2

The experts plan to announce a decision on the H3N2 strain on Mar 21.

Feb 21, 2019

News Scan for Feb 21, 2019

European flu vaccine protection
More Saudi MERS cases
Waning MMR response

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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