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May 24, 2022

News Scan for May 24, 2022

Australia flu spike
Avian flu in Alberta skunks, US poultry
May 02, 2022

News Scan for May 02, 2022

Workplace COVID vaccination incentive
Flu vaccines and cardiac events
Japanese encephalitis in Australia
Mar 11, 2022

News Scan for Mar 11, 2022

COVID-19 vaccination of kids
US flu rebounds
Flu vaccine ineffectiveness
More polio positives in Israel
Feb 25, 2022

Flu Scan for Feb 25, 2022

Northern Hemisphere flu vaccine picks
H5N1 flu vaccine stockpile
US pediatric flu death
Feb 24, 2022

News Scan for Feb 24, 2022

Risk of Zika death in babies
Flu-associated antibiotic prescribing
High-path avian flu in Michigan flock
Tickborne encephalitis, cholera vaccine recs
Jan 05, 2022

News Scan for Jan 05, 2022

COVID-19 vaccine safety in pregnancy
Fungal coinfections in COVID patients
Flu vaccination doesn't impact COVID-19
Dec 27, 2021

Flu Scan for Dec 27, 2021

US flu markers rise higher
Avian flu in 3 countries
Dec 08, 2021

Flu Scan for Dec 08, 2021

Flu vaccine hesitancy
H5N6 avian flu death in China
Small global flu rise
Nov 12, 2021

News Scan for Nov 12, 2021

COVID, flu vaccines given at same time
Polio in Africa
Oct 28, 2021

News Scan for Oct 28, 2021

Rapid diagnostics for bloodstream infections
Low flu vaccine uptake in some groups
H5N1 avian flu in UK swans

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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