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May 27, 2020

News Scan for May 27, 2020

COVID-19–related loss of taste, smell
COVID-19 secondary attack rate
US flu vaccine demand
FDA approves malaria drug
May 15, 2020

News Scan for May 15, 2020

Polio in 4 nations
High-dose flu vaccine and mortality
May 05, 2020

News Scan for May 05, 2020

COVID-19 vaccine trial
MERS in Saudi Arabia
Flu vaccine dosing in kids
Apr 23, 2020

Stewardship / Resistance Scan for Apr 23, 2020

Fear-based antibiotic messaging
Flu vaccine and antibiotic use
UK antimicrobial resistance strategy
Apr 10, 2020

Flu Scan for Apr 10, 2020

Universal flu vaccine landscape
High-path H7N3 avian flu in the US
US flu activity drops
Apr 09, 2020

News Scan for Apr 09, 2020

MERS in Saudi Arabia
Flu vaccine effectiveness
Apr 07, 2020

News Scan for Apr 07, 2020

Protection with cell-culture flu vaccine
Violence in Ebola outbreak
Yellow fever in Ethiopia
Mar 26, 2020

News Scan for Mar 26, 2020

Reducing surgical-site infections
Antibiotics and asthma in kids
H3N2 flu vaccine protection
Mar 24, 2020

News Scan for Mar 24, 2020

International AMR research projects
4-strain flu vaccine for seniors
H5N8 avian flu in Germany
Mar 12, 2020

News Scan for Mar 12, 2020

European interim flu vaccine effectiveness
Triple-drug therapy for malaria

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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