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Jun 04, 2020

News Scan for Jun 04, 2020

Water, hygiene, wastewater & antibiotic resistance
Wedding-linked mumps outbreak
Feb 21, 2019

News Scan for Feb 21, 2019

European flu vaccine protection
More Saudi MERS cases
Waning MMR response
Dec 17, 2018

News Scan for Dec 17, 2018

More acute flaccid myelitis cases
Romaine grower produce recall
US flu vaccine uptake
Quadrivalent flu vaccine in kids
Mumps in Australia
Aug 23, 2018

News Scan for Aug 23, 2018

Alaska mumps outbreak
Priority review for tropical diseases
Avian flu in Malaysia, Taiwan
Jul 26, 2018

News Scan for Jul 26, 2018

Next Ebola steps in the DRC
Campus mumps outbreak response
Melon Salmonella probe ends
Nov 30, 2017

News Scan for Nov 30, 2017

Insecticide-resistant mosquitoes
Mumps on campus
Typhoid vaccine introduction
Sep 25, 2017

News Scan for Sep 25, 2017

Saudi MERS cases
Chikungunya spike
Measles outbreak response
Sports infections in kids
Sep 07, 2017
College students

Third MMR dose shows promise in curbing mumps outbreaks

Also, waning immunity probably contributes to outbreaks, the study found.

Dec 08, 2016

News Scan for Dec 08, 2016

Illinois Elizabethkingia probe
Mumps in highly vaccinated group
Lab security threats from insiders
Drug-resistant TB meningitis
Oct 11, 2016

News Scan for Oct 11, 2016

Africa malaria deaths
Arkansas mumps outbreak
ASPs in peds hospital
Cholera in Haiti
H5N1 cases in Egypt

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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