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May 27, 2022

News Scan for May 27, 2022

Asymptomatic COVID-19 spread
More peanut butter Salmonella
Wild poliovirus in Pakistan
Avian flu outbreak funds
More UK unexplained hepatitis
May 20, 2022

News Scan for May 20, 2022

Omicron vs Delta deaths
Waning COVID vaccine immunity
Avian flu in US, Gabon
Polio cases in Africa
May 18, 2022

News Scan for May 18, 2022

Fewer antibiotics for kids' pneumonia
Polio in Mozambique
H5N6 avian flu death in China
Avian flu strikes NJ poultry
Salmonella in European chocolate
May 13, 2022

News Scan for May 13, 2022

More avian flu in US foxes
Qatari MERS cases
Unexplained hepatitis in Europe
Polio in Africa
May 06, 2022

News Scan for May 06, 2022

Low fecal-oral COVID-19 risk
COVID disparities in pregnancy
More avian flu outbreaks
Polio in Pakistan, Nigeria
Apr 29, 2022

News Scan for Apr 29, 2022

Sensitivity of COVID rapid antigen tests
Peds hepatitis clinical findings
CWD legislation introduced
Dental antibiotics trial
More polio in 3 countries
Apr 22, 2022

News Scan for Apr 22, 2022

COVID vs flu death rate
Avian flu outbreaks expand
US flu still rising
Wild poliovirus in Pakistan
Apr 15, 2022

News Scan for Apr 15, 2022

COVID, upper airway infection in kids
Avian flu detected in Idaho flocks
US flu continues slow rise
Polio in Nigeria and Israel
Apr 11, 2022

News Scan for Apr 11, 2022

COVID-19 and elder mental health
Risk factors for COVID-related syndrome
H5N6 avian flu case in China
Global flu rebound
Polio in Africa
Apr 01, 2022

News Scan for Apr 01, 2022

COVID-19 antiviral efficacy
CWD now in North Carolina
Resistant E coli in Kenyan children
Polio in 4 countries

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Recent Literature

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