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Aug 27, 2020

News Scan for Aug 27, 2020

Telemedicine antibiotic stewardship
DRC Ebola case rise
Severe dengue after Zika
Mosquito-borne viruses in US
Avian flu in Australia, Russia
Aug 12, 2020

News Scan for Aug 12, 2020

More Ebola in the DRC
EPA nod for new insect repellent
Aug 11, 2020
Vaccine development

Pandemic total tops 20 million amid Russian vaccine news, New Zealand flare-up

Russia's vaccine hasn't been through phase 3 trials, raising worries that the country is skipping key safety steps.

Aug 04, 2020

News Scan for Aug 04, 2020

COVID-19 RNA on eye exam surfaces
Florida Keys dengue cases
Low global flu levels
Jun 15, 2020

News Scan for Jun 15, 2020

More DRC Ebola cases
Malaria control amid a pandemic
Dengue in the Americas
Apr 02, 2020

News Scan for Apr 02, 2020

Dengue returns to Guam
Avian flu in Europe
Mar 25, 2020

News Scan for Mar 25, 2020

New antibiotic collaboration
Brazil's dengue vaccine candidate
Low-path H7N3 avian flu in US turkeys
Mar 18, 2020
Dengue vaccine needle and arm

Hopeful results from trials of dengue vaccine candidate

Vaccine effectiveness was 80.2% in the first 11 months and 73.3% in the first 17 months.

Mar 10, 2020

News Scan for Mar 10, 2020

Dengue in Florida
Human zoonotic flu cases
Promising broad-spectrum flu vaccine
Feb 10, 2020

News Scan for Feb 10, 2020

New DRC Ebola case
MERS in Saudi Arabia
E-nudge to cut C diff testing
Dengue activity spikes
Multiple avian flu outbreaks

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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Related Practices


Texas created dengue fever public health response guide

Texas worked with northern Mexican states to monitor increasing cases of dengue fever and create a response guide.

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