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Dec 17, 2019

News Scan for Dec 17, 2019

More Ebola in DRC
Enterovirus clinical course
New Jersey vaccine bill
Nov 18, 2019

News Scan for Nov 18, 2019

Ebola in the DRC
MERS infects Saudi man
Innovative duodenoscope
Hand, foot, & mouth disease vaccine
Oct 07, 2019

News Scan for Oct 07, 2019

More Ebola in DRC
New US measles cases
Saudi MERS infections
Acute flaccid myelitis and viruses
Dengue in Florida
Aug 13, 2019
Girl in wheelchair

New antibody clues in AFM patients point to enterovirus culprit

Earlier the summer, the CDC warned doctors to be alert for AFM cases that seem to rise late summer and fall alongside enterovirus activity.

May 01, 2019

News Scan for May 01, 2019

Philippines measles outbreak
Enterovirus and neurologic disease
Feb 07, 2019

News Scan for Feb 07, 2019

Ebola in the DRC
More measles in Washington state outbreak
Measles in Europe and the Philippines
UK acute flaccid paralysis rise
Jan 22, 2019

News Scan for Jan 22, 2019

Washington state measles
Acute flaccid myelitis tops 200
Saudi MERS cases
HPV vaccine herd immunity
Avian flu in 3 countries
Jan 14, 2019

News Scan for Jan 14, 2019

More acute flaccid myelitis
Cake mix Salmonella probe over
URIs, sinusitis in children
Lone star ticks' female affinity
Severe flu outcomes
Avian flu outbreaks
Jan 07, 2019

News Scan for Jan 07, 2019

New Saudi MERS case
Acute flaccid myelitis in US
Lyme burden, legislation
Sick HCWs and flu spread
Avian flu in India, Iran
Jan 04, 2019

News Scan for Jan 04, 2019

New Saudi MERS case
Knighthood for Wellcome Trust experts
Acute flaccid myelitis in Europe
Panama hantavirus rise

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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