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Mar 02, 2021

News Scan for Mar 02, 2021

Death in Listeria outbreak
More DRC Ebola cases
Feb 25, 2021

News Scan for Feb 25, 2021

COVID-19 in dental hygienists
COVID spread in Air Force trainees
Listeria outbreak tied to cheese
More Ebola in Guinea, DRC
H5N8 avian flu in poultry
Feb 15, 2021

News Scan for Feb 15, 2021

Trial for resistant-TB drug
Listeria cheese outbreak
Hemolytic uremic syndrome in children
Nov 13, 2020

News Scan for Nov 13, 2020

Pharmacist-led stewardship
COVID-19 and antibiotic use
Polio in 3 countries
More H5N8 avian flu in poultry
US food outbreaks
Oct 26, 2020

News Scan for Oct 26, 2020

COVID-19 impact on health workers
Timing of NYC COVID outbreak
Listeria deli meat outbreak
French Guiana Mayaro virus outbreak
Apr 30, 2020

News Scan for Apr 30, 2020

COVID-19 treatment guidance
Foodborne illness in the US
Malaria drugs in pregnant women
Mar 11, 2020

News Scan for Mar 11, 2020

Deadly Listeria outbreak
More Saudi MERS cases
Beta-lactam allergy intervention
Vaccine exemptions in Texas
Jan 03, 2020

News Scan for Jan 03, 2020

Ebola in the DRC
More Salmonella cases linked to fruit
USDA Listeria alert
Dec 19, 2019

News Scan for Dec 19, 2019

Three more Ebola cases
Hard-boiled egg Listeria outbreak
Anthrax antibiotic contract
Telework during flulike illness
Global cholera decline
Oct 08, 2019

News Scan for Oct 08, 2019

New Ebola case
Eastern equine encephalitis vaccine
US foodborne illness snapshot
Infant vaccination coverage

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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