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Mar 04, 2021

News Scan for Mar 04, 2021

Rapid respiratory test and antibiotics
Global flu stays low
West Africa Ebola response
Rotavirus vaccine for humanitarian settings
Apr 30, 2020
Childhood vaccination

Study highlights impact of childhood vaccines on antibiotic use

The study provides clear evidence of the power of childhood vaccines on reducing the antibiotic resistance burden.

Sep 30, 2019

News Scan for Sep 30, 2019

Saudi MERS case
More US measles
Rotavirus vaccine efficacy
Shorter rabies post-exposure prophylaxis
Aug 15, 2019

News Scan for Aug 15, 2019

More DRC Ebola cases
Australian flu activity analysis
Rotavirus vaccine impact
Lyme serologic testing
Feb 11, 2019

News Scan for Feb 11, 2019

Ebola cases climb to 816
Rotavirus household transmission
Flu vaccination and children's hospitalizations
Dengue exposure and Zika pregnancy
Aug 13, 2018

News Scan for Aug 13, 2018

No link between maternal Tdap and autism
Rotavirus vaccine impact
Legionellosis seasonal shift
Jul 23, 2018

News Scan for Jul 23, 2018

Measles in the Americas
Rotavirus vaccine and high-risk babies
Apr 26, 2018

News Scan for Apr 26, 2018

Modified FMD virus
MERS in Saudi Arabia
Midwest measles
Rotavirus patterns
Listeria and soft cheese
CWD not spread to monkeys
Apr 19, 2018

News Scan for Apr 19, 2018

Yellow fever risk
Rotavirus vaccine and intussusception
Feb 22, 2018

News Scan for Feb 22, 2018

Kratom recall
TB in young people
New oral rotavirus vaccine
Avian flu outbreaks
Seasonal flu timing

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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