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May 05, 2021
Child gets vaccine in Africa

Global groups draw up plan to boost routine immunizations amid COVID-19

Vaccines are just one of many COVID-disrupted services, a recent survey notes.

Jan 29, 2021

News Scan for Jan 29, 2021

Vaccines save millions of lives
H3N2v flu infection in Wisconsin
H9N2 avian flu case in China
Polio in Mideast, Africa
Jan 21, 2021

News Scan for Jan 21, 2021

Childhood vaccine uptake in US schoolkids
Global flu stays low
Dec 02, 2020

News Scan for Dec 02, 2020

Antibiotic prescribing during UK lockdown
Meningococcus B vaccine efficacy
Nov 18, 2020

News Scan for Nov 18, 2020

Drop in childhood vaccines
CARB-X funds for biofilm drug
H5N8 avian flu in Europe
Nov 09, 2020

News Scan for Nov 09, 2020

Reduced antibiotics with daily ID consults
Saudi MERS case
Child flu vaccine hesitancy
More avian flu in Europe
Oct 30, 2020

News Scan for Oct 30, 2020

UTI telemedicine antibiotic prescribing
ICE detention center outbreaks
Polio in 7 countries
Oct 23, 2020
Toddler thigh vaccination

US toddler vaccine rates steady, but lack of insurance plays role

Vaccination rates are steady, though disparities remain for the uninsured.

Oct 02, 2020

News Scan for Oct 02, 2020

Fecal transplant registry results
Bots and vaccine tweets
H9N2 avian flu case in China
Sep 15, 2020

News Scan for Sep 15, 2020

Staph prevention in NICUs
Gains in HPV vaccine uptake

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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