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Nov 13, 2019

News Scan for Nov 13, 2019

New Saudi MERS case
Record dengue in the Americas
Marburg vaccine candidate
Oct 02, 2019
Ebola education efforts

New Ebola cases confirmed in outbreak that hits women hard

Women and girls account for 58% of patients.

Mar 06, 2019

News Scan for Mar 06, 2019

New Saudi MERS case
WHO organizational reform
Cost of measles in health workers
First Marburg vaccine
Bayer's indoor insecticide
Dec 20, 2018
Egyptian fruit bat

Marburg-carrying bats found in West Africa for first time

Marburg virus, harbored by fruit bats, has over the years caused 12 known outbreaks in sub-Saharan Africa.

Aug 13, 2018
Ebola treatment unit

Worries about security and healthcare exposures as DRC Ebola total grows to 52

A WHO official said Ebola spread could get worse before it gets better, due to health worker exposures early in the outbreak.

Apr 27, 2018

News Scan for Apr 27, 2018

Yellow fever in Brazil
US flu continues decline
Ebola lab exposure update
New polio case in DRC
Bat immunity and Marburg virus
Feb 21, 2018

News Scan for Feb 21, 2018

Saudi MERS cases
Trump and anti-vaxxers
Vaccine against Ebola, Marburg, more
Feb 09, 2018

News Scan for Feb 09, 2018

Olympics norovirus outbreak
2018 priority diseases
Polio in Afghanistan, DRC
Guinea Lassa fever case
Far-UV light against flu
Dec 08, 2017

News Scan for Dec 08, 2017

Texas Zika cases
H7N9 survivor study
Avian flu in Europe, South Africa
Marburg outbreak over
Malaria in Mekong
Dec 06, 2017

News Scan for Dec 06, 2017

Boston BSL-4 lab OK'd
Zika infection patterns
Refugee diphtheria outbreak

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Recent Literature

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