CIDRAP-ASP publishes a variety of reports and policy briefs on topics relevant to AMR and antimicrobial stewardship around the world.

Antifungal Therapy Guidelines for Pediatric Acute Leukemia Patients Infected with Candida and Aspergillus Species (2023)
Ingrid Jacobson, MPH, explores antifungal guidelines for treating suspected or confirmed Candida spp. and Aspergillus spp. infections in children with acute leukemia. The report was produced in fulfillment of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Applied Practice Experience (APEx) and in collaboration with CIDRAP-ASP. CIDRAP-ASP's Natalie Vestin, MPH, served as APEx preceptor.

Outcomes Research & AMR: Defining the Value of Healthcare Interventions in Antimicrobial Resistance (2023)
CIDRAP-ASP's Francesca Chiara, PhD, MRes, MSc, and Natalie Vestin, MPH, define outcomes research, explore how the concept has evolved over time, and describe how outcomes research can be applied to AMR interventions. The report is the first in a series of policy briefs supported by a grant from bioMérieux.

A Vaccine is a Bridge: The New Era of Typhoid Prevention (2022)
CIDRAP-ASP's Natalie Vestin, MPH, describes the global burden of typhoid, the emergence of drug-resistant strains, and the role that typhoid conjugate vaccine campaigns could play in typhoid prevention and control. The report was supported by a grant from Wellcome.

The Limit of Limits: India’s Hurdles in Regulating Antimicrobial Pollution (2022)
CIDRAP-ASP's Natalie Vestin, MPH, analyzes the role of antibiotic contaminants in pharmaceutical wastewater and global discussion surrounding India's proposal to become the first country in the world to set limits on antimicrobial levels in wastewater discharged from pharmaceutical factories. The report was supported by a grant from Wellcome.

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