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Apr 24, 2020

News Scan for Apr 24, 2020

Norovirus on cruise ships
Polio in 4 countries
Apr 15, 2020

News Scan for Apr 15, 2020

US norovirus burden
Global flu activity down
Sep 23, 2019

News Scan for Sep 23, 2019

US foodborne disease trends
More measles in US, Brazil
Jul 01, 2019

News Scan for Jul 01, 2019

More US measles cases
Salmonella and papayas
Airborne norovirus
Nov 21, 2018

News Scan for Nov 21, 2018

Pork roll Listeria cluster
Thanksgiving with a side of norovirus
Saudi MERS case
Dengue case in Florida
Jul 27, 2018

News Scan for Jul 27, 2018

Top US food outbreak culprits
Salad Cyclospora total nears 300
Infectious Zika in semen
Jun 28, 2018
Child splashing in lake

CDC profiles outbreaks linked to untreated recreational water

Lessons learned from 140 outbreaks involving nearly 5,000 people and steps to minimize the risk of getting sick from swimming.

Jun 21, 2018

News Scan for Jun 21, 2018

More suspected DRC Ebola
ACIP on flu, anthrax vaccines
US food outbreak review
May 01, 2018
Raw oysters

Raw oysters from BC tied to norovirus outbreaks in Canada, US

Officials are investigating norovirus outbreaks involving dozens of cases linked to raw oysters from British Columbia.

Apr 12, 2018

News Scan for Apr 12, 2018

Funds for Lassa, MERS vaccines
Treating malaria in pregnancy
Advanced bed nets for malaria
Norovirus in dried seaweed
Avian flu outbreaks

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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