Tick-borne Disease

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Jun 09, 2022

News Scan for Jun 09, 2022

Post-vaccination MIS-C amid Omicron
Avian flu in DC, Arizona
Fatal Powassan infection in Connecticut
May 05, 2022

News Scan for May 05, 2022

Third DRC Ebola case
Nanoparticle drug for MRSA
More avian flu in US wild birds
Global flu ebbing
Powassan virus in Connecticut
Feb 24, 2022

News Scan for Feb 24, 2022

Risk of Zika death in babies
Flu-associated antibiotic prescribing
High-path avian flu in Michigan flock
Tickborne encephalitis, cholera vaccine recs
Dec 28, 2021

News Scan for Dec 28, 2021

Breakthrough COVID and immune dysfunction
Omicron-neutralizing antibody findings
Racial disparities in antibiotic choice
First Ohio Powassan virus case
Dec 14, 2021

News Scan for Dec 14, 2021

COVID-19 and myocarditis
Convalescent plasma and COVID-19
United Arab Emirates MERS case
Lyme disease in Nebraska
Aug 25, 2021

News Scan for Aug 25, 2021

Youth substance use in pandemic
Lyme disease and COVID-19
Severe flu and race
Aug 02, 2021

News Scan for Aug 02, 2021

Saudi MERS case
Non–visit-based antibiotic prescribing
Missouri longhorn tick detection
Cyclospora cases climb
Jul 02, 2021

News Scan for Jul 02, 2021

COVID-19 in sickle cell disease
COVID risk for emergency responders
Cyclospora prevention
Polio in Nigeria
Maine Powassan virus case
Feb 24, 2021

News Scan for Feb 24, 2021

H5N8 flu risk to people
Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine
Jan 14, 2021

News Scan for Jan 14, 2021

Antibiotic overuse in Indian hospitals
US Lyme disease impact
More avian flu in poultry

Resources & Literature

Recent Literature

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