Monkeypox Resource Center

Monkeypox Resource Center

CIDRAP's Monkeypox Resource Center was created to provide current, accurate, and comprehensive information on a disease caused by a poxvirus that has expanded its footprint in non-endemic countries.

About Monkeypox

CDC's Monkeypox Situation Summary

Overview of the disease, steps to take, visual examples, and US case totals.

Monkeypox-smallpox vaccine vial

WHO discourages mass vaccination for monkeypox outbreak

Experts meet next week to discern if the disease represents a global public health emergency.


Monkeypox virus infecting cells

Virus causing monkeypox outbreak has mutated to spread easier

The number of genetic substitutions is 6 times higher than expected for an orthopoxvirus.

Scientist using a pipette in a lab

US allows commercial labs to test for monkeypox

Also, global experts meet to consider if the threat constitutes a global public health emergency.

News Scan for Jun 22, 2022

US, global monkeypox increase
Florida MSM meningitis outbreak
UK poliovirus detection
More avian flu in US wild birds

News Scan for Jun 21, 2022

UK expands monkeypox vaccination
Fourth-dose benefits for Omicron hospitalization
US COVID markers decline

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