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CIDRAP-ASP currently produces two distinct podcast series (Superbugs and You, and Stewardship Spotlight), which focus on a multitude of issues relevant to antimicrobial resistance through interviews with content area experts. CIDRAP-ASP also hosts multiple live webinars each year, which provide an interactive opportunity for viewers to engage with our expert speakers. 

PODCASTS - Superbugs and You: True Stories from Scientists and Patients Around the Globe

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Episode 8 The Clap claps back — resistant gonorrhea - Neisseria gonorrhoeae is the second most common bacterial sexually transmitted infection in the world, and it has become a superbug. It has developed resistance to every antibiotic currently approved for treatment, and multidrug-resistant strains have been identified globally. Hear from clinicians advocating for their patients, a global leader, and a leading expert in drug development on actions needed to combat resistant gonorrhea.

Episode 7: Silent superheroes — antibiotics in the fight against cancer - In this episode, we will explore the ways that antimicrobial resistance impacts treatment for some of the most vulnerable patients, such as those undergoing cancer treatment or receiving bone marrow transplants. A recent survey of oncologists showed that 95% of them worry about the impact of superbugs on the future of cancer treatments, and one in five patients receiving chemotherapy will have a bacterial infection. In this episode, you will hear directly from a patient who had a bacterial infection while fighting cancer, from front-line clinicians, and from a researcher driving policy at a national level.

Episode 6: When antibiotics cause harm — C. difficile - Clostridioides difficile (also known as C. diff or CDI) can cause deadly diarrhea. It is the most common healthcare-associated infection in the United States and rates of infections are rising globally. In this episode, we hear how a young Mom was impacted by the disease, how leading healthcare organizations are driving best practice guidelines, and how the US CDC is tracking this superbug.

Episode 5: In the locker room and in the hospital — MRSA - Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA) is found in the community and in healthcare systems. According to the WHO, hospitalized patients with MRSA infections are 64% more likely to die than people with drug-sensitive infections. It can be difficult to treat. In this episode, hear from a patient who battled an infection for years, a infectious disease clinician who shares his daily challenges, and a researcher who using an unique approach to find the next antibiotic

Season 2 Trailer - In Season 2 of Superbugs and You, we will focus on Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Clostridioides difficile infections, resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae, and the impact of antimicrobial resistance on modern medicine. Each episode will feature discussions with patients, physicians, and scientists to find out what’s causing antimicrobial resistance, how it affects the lives of ordinary people, and most importantly, what we can do to stop it. 

Episode 4: A Future Foretold - In this final episode of Season 1, we discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted strategies to address antimicrobial resistance. Our guests will describe the patient experience of surviving COVID, the role of antimicrobial stewardship in managing COVID patients, and how the COVID-19 pandemic potentiates AMR.

Episode 3: Resistance That Spreads Through the Air - In this episode, we discuss the global issue of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis or TB. Our guests in this episode will describe living with TB, and the experience of managing these difficult-to-treat infections.

Episode 2: Stalking the Silent Killer - In this episode, we discuss sepsis and the challenge of an infection caused by a drug-resistant microorganism. Our guests  describe the long-term patient experience of surviving and living with a sepsis diagnosis, as well as the current diagnosis and treatment options for sepsis. 

Episode 1: A Global Problem Close to Home - In this episode we discuss the global impact of multidrug-resistant gram-negative bacterial infections. Our guests in this episode will describe the experience of living through, diagnosing, and managing these difficult-to-treat infection.

Trailer - Infections caused by highly drug resistant bacteria, or “superbugs,” are becoming more and more common, making antimicrobial resistance one of the world’s greatest health threats. Drug-resistant infections can affect anyone, and we are all at risk. In this podcast miniseries, we will dig deeper into this global crisis through fascinating conversations with patients, clinicians, and researchers. We’ll also highlight actions the average citizen can take today to make sure the drugs we already have stay effective, in order to protect ourselves, our families, and our communities.


PODCASTS - Stewardship Spotlight

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March 2, 2022 - In part 3 of our miniseries, we discuss one of Dr. Mylonakis’s previously published papers, “The Cost-Effectiveness of Rapid Diagnostic Testing for the Diagnosis of Bloodstream Infections with or without Antimicrobial Stewardship''. We will focus on how rapid diagnostics, along with stewardship, can improve the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care, resulting in improved patient outcomes.

February 23, 2022In part 2 of our miniseries focused on improving patient outcomes through diagnostics in stewardship, we discuss the paper, “The Effect of Molecular Rapid Diagnostic Testing on Clinical Outcomes in Bloodstream Infections: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis” with first author Tristan Timbrook. Our conversation focuses on how rapid diagnostic testing can be paired with antimicrobial stewardship policy to improve clinical outcomes.

February 16, 2022In part 1 of a miniseries focused on improving patient outcomes through diagnostics in stewardship, we discuss the mini-review entitled “Clinical Utility of Advanced Microbiology Testing Tools” with coauthor Dr. Duane Newton. In the paper, Dr Newton and team explored how to define the clinical utility of novel microbiology technologies. We discuss how to clearly articulate the value proposition of these new technologies to various stakeholders, including clinicians, the clinical laboratory, hospital administrators, and health systems.

December 3, 2020Listen to our conversation with Elizabeth Hermsen, PharmD, MBA, Head of Global Antimicrobial Stewardship at Merck. We discuss antimicrobial stewardship gaps in the outpatient setting, where one third of prescriptions for antimicrobials are inappropriate, and the importance of health literacy.

September 10 2020Listen to our conversation with Natalie Vestin, MPH, Research Associate at CIDRAP. We discuss Natalie’s fascinating journey to public health, her work in communicating scientific information to a broad audience, the impact of COVID-19 on antimicrobial stewardship, and finally, Natalie’s time as an artist in the Pandemic Artist Lab.

February 12 2020 - Listen to our conversation with Brad Spellberg, MD, Chief Medical Officer at the Los Angeles County-University of Southern California Medical Center. We discuss his recent New England Journal of Medicine paper, and important issues around sustainable antibiotic discovery and development.

July 10 2019 - Listen to our discussion with Professor Philip Howard, the current president of the British Society for Antimicrobial Chemotherapy (BSAC), regarding the concept of the antibiotic footprint - a new communication tool for the public to reduce antibiotic consumption.

Feb 8 2019Listen to our discussion with Professor Dilip Nathwani, faculty advisor to CIDRAP-ASP, regarding the launch of the new Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy and Antimicrobial Resistance (JACMAR) – an innovative, open-access knowledge-exchange platform for research and education.

Dec 12 2018Listen to Dr. Brad Spellberg discuss a novel psychological tool used to promote antimicrobial stewardship in clinical settings, and the progress that has been made in reducing total antibiotic exposure.

Oct 23 2018Listen to CIDRAP’s Director, Dr. Mike Osterholm, discuss accomplishments and future directions for the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, antimicrobial resistance in the US and abroad, and his role as a US Department of State Science Envoy.

Aug 9 2018 - Listen to Professor Karin Thursky discuss a recently published a manuscript that describes hospital sepsis clinical pathway in a cancer hospital, impacts on sepsis management, and realized outcomes.

Jul 12 2018 Listen to Dr. Jacqueline Sneddon discuss a recently published manuscript regarding guidance of the optimization of carbapenem use through a national quality improvement program (Scotland).

Apr 9 2018 Listen to Professor Dilip Nathwani discuss a free interactive e-book regarding the principles and clinical practice of global stewardship, developed by BSAC in collaboration with the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases.

Dec 6 2017 Listen to Dr. Charis Marwick discuss her paper on to how we should approach outcome measures to study antimicrobial stewardship interventions.

Aug 2 2017 Listen to Professor Celine Pulcini describe the necessary funding and human resources needed for supporting antibiotic stewardship teams.

Jun 12 2017 Listen to Dr. Buddy Creech discuss an NIH study he is leading to determine the optimal duration of antimicrobial therapy of children with pneumonia in the outpatient setting.

Apr 11 2017 - Listen to Dr. Mordechai Grupper and Dr. David Nicolau discuss the optimization of antimicrobial usage for the prevention and treatment of skin and soft tissue infections, specifically in obese patients.

Mar 02 2017 - Listen to Professor Peter Davey discuss interventions to improve antibiotic prescribing practices for hospital inpatients.

Feb 1st 2017 - Listen to Dr. Aimee Dassner and Dr. Jennifer Girotto discuss antimicrobial stewardship approaches to pediatric pneumonia.

Dec 21st 2016 - Listen to Dr. Amanda Beaudoin discuss her role and leadership in the establishment of a 'One Health' approach to antibiotic stewardship.

Dec 19th 2016
Listen to Dr. Katherine Fleming-Dutra discuss her work to improve antimicrobial prescribing practices within the ambulatory care setting.

November 2016
Dr. Gail Hansen discusses the connections between antibiotic use in agriculture and food settings, and their impact to human health.

October 2016
 - Dr. Arjun Srinivasan discusses his work to improve antibiotic prescribing practices through antibiotic use surveillance.

September 2016 - Listen to Dr. Brad Spellberg discuss his efforts in leading new approaches for optimizing antibiotic therapy for the future.

Aug 29th 2016 - Interview with Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan regarding the practical mechanisms for achieving goals to reduce antibiotic consumption and how resources could be best utilized.

Aug 11th 2016 - Interview with Professor Dilip Nathwani regarding his involvement in the global implementation of antimicrobial stewardship programs using open and online source formats.

July 20th 2016
 - Interview with Dr. Michael Osterholm about the launch of the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program.


View all the CIDRAP-ASP webinars on our YouTube channel.

May 4, 2022 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Elvira Garza González and Dr. Carlos Arturo Álvarez Moreno as they presented "Surveillance powered by Diagnostics".

April 26, 2022 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Elizabeth Monsees and Dr. Bradley Langford as they presented "Expanding the Impact of Antimicrobial Stewardship (‘Act Local’)".

June 24, 2021 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Loice Achieng’-Ombajo and Dr. Yogandree Ramsamy as they presented "Optimizing diagnostics in antimicrobial stewardship program implementation: An African perspective". 

May 25, 2021 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Motoyuki Sugai and Dr. Jyoti Joshi as they presented "Awareness or Distraction: Has COVID-19 shown us a path forward for combatting resistant infections?"

May 4, 2021 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted a roundtable discussion entitled "Lessons Learned & Looking to the Future of Diagnostic Testing: The Experts Return" with moderator Dr. Debbie Goff and a panel of speakers including Dr. Ferric Fang, Dr. Robin Patel, Dr. Katherine Perez, and Dr. Brandon Bookstaver.

April 13, 2021 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Professor Rogier van Doorn, Professor Direk Limmathurotsakul, and Mr. Possawat Jorakate as they presented "Tracking Drug Resistant Infections".

February 10, 2021 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Brandon Bookstaver and Dr. Robin Patel as they presented "Stewardship (Diagnostic and Antimicrobial) in Action."

January 28, 2021 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Debbie Goff and a global panel of pharmacists to discuss "Global Contributions of Pharmacists During the COVID-19 Pandemic." 

December 17, 2020 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Ferric Fang and Dr. Katherine Perez as they presented "Introduction to Diagnostic Stewardship." [slides]

November 24, 2020 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Silvia Figueiredo Costa and Dr. María Virginia Villegas as they presented "Antimicrobial Resistance in the Times of COVID-19."

November 4, 2020 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Professor Dilip Nathwani and Professor Philipp Schuetz as they presented "Diagnostics and Antimicrobial Stewardship: How Can We Elevate?" 

June 30, 2020CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Jennifer Granick and Emma Leof as they presented "Improving Antimicrobial Prescribing in Companion Animal Medicine." [slides]

May 29, 2020 - CIDRAP-ASP hosted Dr. Kavita Trivedi, Phyllis Silver and Dr. Belinda Ostrowsky as they presented "Opportunities to Improve Antibiotic Appropriateness in U.S. ICUs: Experience from a Multicenter Evaluation Pre-Pandemic".

December 12 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Elizabeth Monsees as she presented "The Central Steward: Exploring the Role of Nurses in Antimicrobial Stewardship".

November 5 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Professors David Lye and Deborah Williamson as they presented "Value of Diagnostics in Antimicrobial Stewardship: An Asia-Pacific Outlook".

October 16 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Barbara Van Der Pol as she presented "Resistance Guided Therapy for Mycoplasma genitalium: Application of Macrolide Resistance Testing Results". [slides]

September 18 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Drs. Maryrose Laguio-Vila, Allison Ramsey, and Mary L. Staicu as they presented "The Role of the ID Pharmacist, Physician, and Allergist in Penicillin Allergy and Skin Testing". [slides]

June 18th 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Jeffrey Klausner as he presented "Addressing Untreatable Gonorrhea: Resistance-Guided Therapy". [slides]

May 16th 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Ed Septimus as he presented "Value of Diagnostics to Enhance Antimicrobial Stewardship". [slides]

Mar 20th 2019 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Amy Pruden and Dr. Gail Hansen as they presented "Opportunities for Mitigating the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance from Farm to Fork".

Mar 6th 2019View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Jennifer Girotto and Dr. Kailynn DeRonde as they presented "Pediatric Hematogenous Osteomyelitis".

Nov 14th 2018View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Rachel Smith as she presented "The Core Elements of Human Antibiotic Stewardship Programs in Resource-Limited Settings".

Sep 27th 2018View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD, and Hana Rac, PharmD, as they presented ""Penicillin allergy skin testing: Decision points and considerations for institutional implementation".

Jul 26th 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with  Dr. Katherine E. Fleming-Dutra, as she presented “Antibiotic prescribing and opportunities for stewardship in different outpatient settings”.

Apr 16th 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Debra A. Goff and Professor Celine Pulcini, as they presented "Making stewardship programs globally relevant: dissecting the new guidelines."

Mar 30th 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Ramanan Laxminarayan, as he presented “What can the United Nations do about AMR”.

Mar 1st 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. John Rotschafer, Dr. Jessica Holt, and Dr. Mary Ullman, as they presented “Antimicrobial Stewardship: Perspectives from Stewards in the trenches”.

Feb 5th 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Muhammad Salman Ashraf, as he presented “Utilizing available tools for antimicrobial stewardship implementation in post-acute and long-term care facilities”.

Jan 26th 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Brad Spellberg and Dr. Noah Wald-Dickler, as they presented “Busting the myth of static vs. cidal antibiotics”.

Jan 12th 2018 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Arjun Srinivasan, as he presented “Antibiotic Stewardship Programs in US Acute Care Hospitals: Findings from the National Healthcare Safety Network Annual Hospital Survey”.

Dec 12th 2017 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted  webinar with Dr. Romney Humphries as she presented "Improving the Antibiotic Stewardship Value of Clinical Microbiology Tests". 

Nov 8th 2017 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted  webinar with Dr. Stan Deresinski and Dr. Marisa Holubar, as they presented "Antimicrobial Stewardship in Immunocompromised hosts".

Oct 11th 2017 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted  webinar with Dr. Jason G. Newland, as he discussed “Pediatric antimicrobial stewardship”.

Sep 27th 2017 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted  webinar with Dr. Kristin Alvarez, Dr. Wenjing Wei, and Dr. David Khan, as they discussed and present “Penicillin Allergy testing and Antibiotic stewardship”.

Aug 16th 2017 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted  webinar with Dr. Tom Chiller, of the CDC's Mycotic Diseases Branch, as he discussed multidrug-resistant Candida auris and antifungal stewardship.

Aug 3rd 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Elizabeth Dodds Ashley, as she discussed design processes in stewardship interventions.

Jun 27th 2017 View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Debra Goff, PharmD, as she lead a live discussion and Q & A of her study on a pharmacist-driven initiative for Staph aureus bacteremia.

May 3rd 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Stan Deresinksi and Dr. Marisa Holubar, of Stanford University School of Medicine, as they discussed the role of antibiotic dosing and duration in antimicrobial stewardship.

Apr 18th 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted with Dr. Trish Perl, chief of infectious diseases at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, as she discussed infection prevention and its role in the era of antibiotic stewardship.

Mar 15th 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Arjun Srinivasan and  Dr. Rebekah Moering, as they discussed the assessment of antimicrobial stewardship interventions in acute-care settings.

Feb 28th 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Kavita K. Trivedi, as she presented “Expanding Antibiotic Stewardship into Long-Term Care”.

Feb 7th 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Debra Goff (USA), Dr. Dilip Nathwani, (UK) and Dr. Marc Mendelson (South Aftrica), as they discussed and presented “Global Antimicrobial Stewardship: Barriers and Solutions".

Jan 17th 2017 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Julia Szymczak of the University of Pennsylvania, as she discussed the social determinants of antibiotic use and explained what it means to take a more sociological approach to antimicrobial stewardship.

Nov 28th 2016 - View the CIDRAP-ASP hosted webinar with Dr. Debbie Goff, Dr. Thomas File, and Dr. John Rotschafer, as they presented "Real-world Experiences for Addressing the 2017 Antimicrobial Stewardship Mandates."

Oct 19th 2016
- View the CIDRAP-ASP-hosted webinar by Dr. Lauri Hicks on “Improving Antibiotic Use in Outpatient Settings”.

Sept 28th 2016 - View the CIDRAP-ASP-hosted webinar by Dr. Brad Spellberg on “The Future of Antibiotics and Resistance”.


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