H1N1 NEWS SCAN: Global activity, age at death, varied attack rates

Global activity remains stable
Global H1N1 activity remains mostly unchanged, according to today's World Health Organization (WHO) weekly update. Pandemic flu transmission remains low worldwide, with limited circulation in parts of Central America (Costa Rica), the Caribbean (Cuba), and South and Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Singapore, and, to a much lesser extent, India, Bangladesh, and Bhutan). Recently re-emerged seasonal H3N2 continues to circulate in East Africa, with type B in parts of Asia, Africa, and South America.
Jun 18 WHO update

Average age at H1N1-related death in US was 40
The average age of those in the United States who died of pandemic flu last spring and fall was 40, with the median age, or midpoint, at 43, according to statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In the fall, the average age of those who died was 41, and the median age was 45. Data from the spring reflected all confirmed H1N1 deaths, while data from the fall were from a random sampling.
Jun 17 CDC document

Study shows varied attack rate in Scotland
A serum study shows that the age-adjusted percentages of people having antibodies to pandemic flu in four Scottish cities varied from 28% in Glasgow to 43% in Aberdeen. These rates roughly reflect the hospitalization rates in those cities, which ranged from 23% to 41%. In Inverness, younger adults were more likely to be H1N1-positive than were older people. The authors say the findings show that "older people are no longer more likely to have antibodies against the virus than younger adults."
Jun 17 Eurosurveillance study

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